Fairtrade Forum Minutes 17th December 2012


Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum Constitution

 Monday 17th December 2012          Old Parish Halls  6.30pm


Rev Malcolm Rooney             – GKOPC

Emily Wright                          – GKOPC

Lee Haxton                             – Community Planning Officer

Eric Summers                          – Webster’s High School

Clare Ross                               – GKOPC                                             

Anne Pole                               – GKOPC

Cllr Jeanette Gaul                   – Angus Council

Monica Hodgkinson               – Local Resident

Andrew Tough                        -SouthmuirPrimary School


Cllr Ronnie Proctor                 – Angus Council

Catriona Duffy                       – Webster’s High School

The  note of the meeting of 21 November was agreed

Matters Arising

2.3       Lee Haxton reported that he had  contactedAngusCollege in Arbroath. They do use Fairtrade in Café 56, which is part of their curriculum development (contact Neil Jack 01241 432659). In terms of the College canteen etc, he had left a message with Jennifer Dick, who manages that side of the operation and will advise of her response.

3.2       Eric Summers reported that he hoped that 2 pupils would join the Forum for the next meeting.

4          Malcolm Rooney reported that an article about Fairtrade had been include in a Church Newsletter that was distributed to over 1000 homes in Kirriemuir, Newtyle, Glamis surrounding district.  A copy of this article was filed in the archive.

Working Plan for 2013

            Dates of next meeting

4th February 2013 at 6.30pm in the Old Parish

            Fairtrade fortnight events                Coffee morning on Saturday 9th March

Possible Film Show

Fairtrade café in local schools

Press Release

Survey of Kirrie businesses              This will be carried out by Webster’s Pupils in the Spring of 2013

Additional Members                         Letters will be sent to local Churches and Schools and Organisations inviting them to send a representative to the Forum

Community Council                          Malcolm Rooney will ask to address the next meeting of the Community Council [23rd January, 7.30pm at Fairlie  House]

Forum Constitution

The following was agreed 

Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum Draft Constitution

The name of the group shall be the  Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum

The Objectives of the Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum will be

• To promote the concept of Fairtrade

• To raise awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark

• To raise understanding of the problems of unfair trade and what Fairtrade does to tackle these

• To achieve and maintainFairtradeTownstatus for Kirriemuir,  as detailed in the Fairtrade  Foundation’s Fairtrade Town Action Guide

• To lead on ongoing activity to develop support and understanding of Fairtrade in  Kirriemuir


• Members will be those who have expressed a commitment to promoting the objectives of the   Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum.  All members will have the right to be involved with all   decision-making and have voting rights.


• Funds will be raised through events

• Grants might  be sought from appropriate public and private organisations

• A statement of income and expenditure will be prepared annually and presented for approval to   the members’ meeting


• On dissolution of the group any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been   discharged shall not be distributed among the members but shall be handed to the Fairtrade   Foundation, Ibex House, 42 – 47 Minories, London EC3N 1DY, to be administered in a manner   which is exclusively charitable at law.

Other Matters

  • Jeanette Gaul reported that Angus was now a Fairtrade Zone
  • Lee Haxton suggested that we could use the Angus Ahead Website to publicise events and meetings.
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