Fairtrade Forum Minutes – 21st May 2014


 Kirriemuir Fair Trade Forum

21st May  2014            6.30pm            Old Parish


Present:          Ronnie Proctor, Anne Pole, Clare Ross, Bob Harley, Malcolm Rooney [Chair], Emily Wright, Jeanette Gaul, Kelly-Ann Dempsey(Angus Fairtrade Zone)

Apols:             Mary Mays, Catriona Duff, Claire Broadhurst, Eric Summers, Rob Norrie & Rosie Waddell

  1. 1.                  Previous Minute

Minute of 12th March was approved

  1. 2.                   Business Survey

Completed by the school but the response was fairly negative – was this because it was children?

The committee will try approaching more businesses and others with an e-mail form to complete and see if that achieves more –

Schools – Webster’s, Northmuir & Southmuir


Churches – St Mary’s, St Anthony’s, St Andrew’s, Strathmore Fellowship


Irvine Adamson

  1. 3.                   Bank Account

Emily & Anne will do this next week

  1. 4.         A.O.B.

Anne to e-mail Webster’s High School regarding return of the banner and to ask if they will appoint a Fairtrade prefect

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th September 2014 from 6.30 to 7pm.

The meeting ended at 7.00pm

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