Fairtrade Forum Minutes 21st November 2012











Rev Malcolm Rooney                      – GKOPC                                           MR

Emily Wright                                     – GKOPC                                           EW

Lee Haxton                                       – Community Planning Officer      LH

Catriona Duffy                                  – Webster’s High School                 CD

Eric Summers                                   – Webster’s High School                 ES

Clare Ross                                        – GKOPC                                           CR

Anne Pole                                         – GKOPC                                           AP

Cllr Jeanette Gaul                            – Angus Council                               JG

Monica Hodgkinson                                    – Local Resident                               MH



Cllr Ronnie Proctor                          – Angus Council

Andrew Tough                                 – Southmuir Primary School


1 Welcome and Apologies ACTION
LH welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were received as shown.  
2 Goals  
LH provided a summary of the 5 Goals that are required in order to gain Fairtrade Town status.

2.1 Goal 1 – Resolution

Angus Council has previously passed a resolution supporting Fairtrade and serves it to staff and visitors. As a result, Goal 1 is completed. LH supplied a copy of the 2009 resolution and 2012 reaffirmation of Council support for Fairtrade.


2.2 Goal 2 – Retail

In order to meet the standard for Goal 2, retailers must offer at least four Fairtrade goods. In a town the size of Kirriemuir, 3 retailers and 2 caterers must stock, sell or use Fairtrade goods. The group felt that Goal 2 has probably also been achieved, with the following identified.


  • Retailers: Cooperative (Bank Street); Cooperative (Roods); and The Wendy House (Bank Street)
  • Caterers: 88o (Bank Street); The Auld Surgery (Bank Street); and Bridges (Bank Street)


CD suggested that Webster’s High School pupils could undertake a survey of businesses in Kirriemuir in order to develop a simple database of all of those who use or sell Fairtrade. Thereafter, those on the database would be asked to sign a letter confirming their support for and use of Fairtrade products. This is a crucial part of the application process and JG confirmed that this works best when all members of the group help with canvassing for support. A pro-forma letter is available on the Fairtrade website.


2.3 Goal 3 – Community Effort

The town seeking Fairtrade Town status has to be able to demonstrate wide community support for Fairtrade. Five specific sectors of the community are identified and again the group felt that a number of these were either already represented, or would be willing to offer support.


  • Workplaces selling or serving Fairtrade goods – The group felt that this would be covered by the Webster’s H.S survey.
  • Places of Worship – GKOPC representatives felt that most, if not all of the churches in Kirriemuir support, use or promote Fairtrade.
  • Primary & Secondary Schools – Webster’s H.S have agreed to be involved in the process and Southmuir Primary School has also offered support in principle. The group felt that Northmuir Primary School would probably want to be involved to some degree as well.
  • Universities & Colleges – Angus College has an outreach centre in Kirriemuir, but the group agreed that this type of service could not be considered as a university or college campus. LH offered to contact Angus College to ask if their main campus in Arbroath uses or sells Fairtrade as this could potentially be included in the future application.
  • Community Organisations – the group felt that a number of organisations in Kirriemuir would be willing to support and/or assist with a Fairtrade Town application.


2.4 Goal 3 – Engagement and PR

This goal requires evidence of events promoting Fairtrade over the course of a year and coverage in local media. The group felt that this would be achievable and acknowledged the importance of keeping a record of all of this evidence. JG confirmed that the experience in Forfar showed that the application process is fairly rigorous and that evidence is sought for all of the claims made in the application.


2.5 Goal 5 – Steering Group

Those present agreed that it would be sensible to form themselves as a Fair Trade Forum for Kirriemuir, which will be constituted at a future meeting. The following roles were agreed:


  • Chairperson – Malcolm Rooney
  • Vice-Chairperson – Eric Summers
  • Secretary – Anne Pole
  • Treasurer – Emily Wright
  • Archivist – Monica Hodgkinson
  • Photographer – Clare Ross


MR and AP will draft a constitution for the next meeting, using the pro-forma from the website.


JG confirmed that she would be happy to be the Angus Council representative on the steering group and LH stated that he would be happy to assist the group as and when required.



































3 Future Events  
Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 runs from 25 February until 10 March. 

3.1 Glens & Kirriemuir Old Parish Church

MR and AP agreed to organise a large coffee morning, potentially involving all of the churches, for Saturday 9 March in the church hall.


3.2 Schools

CD and ES agreed that it would be useful to try and organise something involving the schools for the first week in Fairtrade Fortnight. MR asked if there could be designated “Fairtrade Prefects” in Webster’s H.S and ES agreed that it would be a useful development – suggesting that the two Prefects who currently attend Kirriemuir Community Council meetings might be the best option, as they could also seek to involve the Community Council in events and the steering group.


3.3 Other Events

LH suggested that the steering group may want to consider trying to have a stall or some other presence at existing events like Bon Fest or Live in the Den. In addition, LH informed the group that there is an official “pitch” in the town square where a stall could be set up in the better weather. LH offered to make arrangements for booking this if the steering group wanted to use it.




















4 Other Issues  
MR stated that the process would require a significant amount of effort, but that it would mainly be a data gathering exercise, as opposed to an encouraging exercise.

In future the steering group felt that it might be useful to establish a web presence, potentially through a facebook page, or website. MR will arrange for the GKOPC website to include a link to Fairtrade.


MR and ES agreed to work together on an article about Fairtrade which will go into the Church and School newsletters.


MH stated that there were two other potential members of the Steering Group from Lintrathen.











5 Date of Next Meeting  
The steering group agreed to meet again on Monday 17 December at 6.30pm in Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church,  


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