Fairtrade Forum Minutes 4th February 2013


Kirriemuir Fairtrade Forum Constitution

 Monday 4th February 2013             Old Parish Halls  6.30pm


Rev Malcolm Rooney             – GKOPC

Clare Ross                               – GKOPC                                             

Anne Pole                               – GKOPC

Cllr Jeanette Gaul                   – Angus Council

Monica Hodgkinson               – Local Resident

Andrew Tough                        -SouthmuirPrimary School


Cllr Ronnie Proctor                 – Angus Council

Catriona Duff                         – Webster’s High School

Emily Wright                          – GKOPC

Lee Haxton                             – Community Planning Officer

Eric Summers                          – Webster’s High School

1.         The  minute of the meeting of 17th December was agreed

2.         Matters Arising

2.1       Forum Constitution – Cllr Gaul asked that the constitution be signed by the Chairman, Vice Chairman & secretary as that is a requirement of Angus Council.  This will be attended to.

2.2       Fairtrade Fortnight Events

It was agreed to limit this to two eventsCoffee morning on Saturday 9th March and the Press Release

2.3   Survey of Kirrie businesses      This will be carried out by Webster’s Pupils in the Spring of 2013 – still to be done

2.4   Additional Members                 Letters will be sent to local Churches and Schools and Organisations inviting them to send a representative to the Forum – still to be done.

2.5   Community Council                  Malcolm Rooney spoke to the Community Council and received 100% support.

2.6  Angus Ahead website                Lee had suggested using the website to publicise events and meetings and this is still to be done.

3.         Coffee Morning on 9th March

Helpers – appeal in GKOPC newsletter.

Clare suggested using ground coffee rather than instant – agreed.

Clare to co-ordinate baking using Fairtrade recipes & ingredients.

Publicity – Malcolm & Anne to organise

Stall – Anne & Emily to organise.

Music – Eric will see if he can organise pupils to play.

Other points – entry £2 and will run from 10am to 12noon.

4.         Facebook Contacts via Sustainable Kirriemuir –  the minutes were posted and received 87 hits.  A copy was given to Monica for the archive.

5.         AOB – Southmuir Parent Council have a Coffee Morning booked for 18th May and they will use Fairtrade products for it.  The Forum will also take a table which will cost £10.

6.         Date of next meeting – Tuesday 19th March at 6.30pm.

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