Fairtrade Forum Minutes 24th June 2013


Kirriemuir Fair Trade Forum

24 June 2013  7.00pm            Old Parish 

Present:          Ronnie Proctor, Sonia Proctor, Anne Pole, Mary Mays, Claire Broadhurst, Monica Hodgkinson, Malcolm Rooney [Chair]

Apols:             Eric Summers, Clare Ross, Graeme Hodge

  1. 1.                  Welcome and Introductions
    Members were welcomed and introduced
  1. 2.                  Previous Minute
    Minute of 4th February was approved
  1. 3.                  Matters Arising
    There were no matters arising that were not already on the Agenda
  1. 4.                  Recent Activity
    The Forum had sales and information stalls at …
  • Glens and Kirriemuir Old Coffee Morning
  • Kirriemuir Spring Flower Show
  • SouthmuirPrimary SchoolCoffee Morning
  • Webster’s High School Summer Fair
  1. 5.                  Tasks in the Pipeline
  1.              i.      Audit of Businesses
    The Audit of town businesses re Fairtrade products still had to be carried out and this would be done in the Autumn by Forum members
  1.            ii.      Joining the Dots Project
    t was agreed to try to identify all that the community was doing in terms of the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change.  This would provide a big picture of all that was being done in Kirriemuir
  1.         iii.      Fair Trade Banners
    It was agreed to purchase a free standing Banner to promote Fairtrade.  This would cost in the region of £150. Details to be approved by Fairtrade Foundation.  It was also agreed to purchase a Fairtrade Banner costing £10
  1.           iv.      Representation on Forum
    It was agreed that we should encourage other Churches to join the Forum
  1. 6.                   Any other business
        i.          A Fairtrade Bake-off competition was proposed and agreed and Claire Broadhurst and Clare Ross would be asked to lead the planning for this even
    ii.          It was agreed to participate in a joint coffee morning with Rotary, GKOPC and local schools to promote sustainable living and Fairtrade


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