Messy Church

Our next Messy event will be

Messy  Meals!!

on  Sunday 21st  October 2018  

11am – 12 noon

in Kirriemuir Old Parish Church Halls

All are welcome to join the fun!

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Contact Linda on 07801192730 or


Messy Church has been running since October 2010 and is proving very popular with our young families. It has a relaxed style with little formality which appeals to folk with young children who enjoy the freedom to move around. We also have a number of teenagers who come along to take part and to help out.

The food craft is always hugely popular as are all the other crafts. We have a baby corner, a toddler table, a puzzle table and often a Messy Challenge. Sometimes we have group activities like making Joseph’s Technicolor coat and the father’s house from the prodigal son. We have explored various Bible passages, characters and themes.

Please come and see us

We would love it if any of you would like to come and join us. We have teas, coffees and cake at 11am so you could always pop in for 10 minutes before the 11.15am service starts to meet and welcome the young folk.

Spread the word

Messy Church is going very well. We would love to welcome more folk. Perhaps there is someone you know who may like to come along with their children? If you could spread the word we are sure that they will love church the Messy way!


Messy Churches that we have run so far:-

Messy Harvest (Oct 2010),

Messy Christmas (Dec 2010)

Messy Joseph (Feb 2011)

Messy Easter (Apr 2011)

Messy Journeys (Jun 2011)

Messy Music (Aug 2011)

Messy Creation (Oct 2011)

Messy Christingles (Dec 2011)

Messy Moses (Mar 2012)

Messy Prodigal Son (May 2012)

Oceans of Mess (August)

Messy Feasts (October)

Messy Christmas (December 2012)

Messy Friends (Feb 2013)

Messy Lambs (April 2013)

Messy Picnic (June 2013)

Messy Joshua (August 2013)

Messy Me (October 2013)

Messy Gifts (Dec 2013)

Messy Noah (Feb 2014)

Messy Easter (March 2014)

Messy Games (June 2014)

Messy Earth (August 2014)

Messy Fruit (November 2014)

Messy Christmas (December 2014)

Messy Giants (Feb 2015)

Messy Celebrations (March 2015)

Messy Bake Off (June 2015)

Messy Daniel (August 2015)

Messy Autumn (October 2015)

Messy Christmas (Dec 2015)

Messy Water (Feb 2016)

Messy Easter Eggs (March 16)
Messy Birthdays (May 16)
Messy Good Samaritan (Aug 16)

Messy Munch (Oct 16)

Messy Nativity (Dec 16)

Messy Jonah (Feb 17)

Messy Easter Surprises (April 17)

Messy Recycling (June 17)

Messy Houses (Aug 17)

Messy Farming (Oct 17)

Messy Donkeys (Dec 17)

Messy Time Travel (Jan 18)

Messy Hallelujahs! (March 18)

Messy Samson (May 18)

Messy Helpers (Aug 18)

Visits from other churches

A number of churches have heard about the Messy Churches that we have been running and with a view to running their own have come along to see how it is done the Kirrie way! More church visits are in the pipeline.

The churches that we have welcomed so far are:-

Brechin Cathedral

Forfar: St Margaret’s Church

Dunnichen, Letham and Kirkden Church

Blairgowrie Parish Church

Montrose Old & St Andrews Church

St Serf’s Parish Church: Lochgelly and Benarty


We get great feedback about Messy Church from the folk who attend on the day. Sometimes we get written feedback too. Here are some comments from emails:-

“Our visit to your Messy Church was very useful, Linda, and we were able to use a lot of your ideas. You seem to have found a formula that worked really well.” (from a visiting church)

“We all had a fantastic time my daughter was still dancing after the singing was finished. We will definitely be doing our best to come and join the fun in the future. What a fantastic way to involve families.” (from a Mum)

“We all had a lovely time with you yesterday and were impressed and encouraged at what we saw.” – (from another visiting Church.)

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